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From finding the best family-run In La Fortuna to that secret beach only a handful of Crete natives know about, a little insider knowledge can be the difference between a good holiday and an unforgettable one.

Because no matter how much online research you do, how many guidebooks you leaf through, there’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned word-of-mouth tip off from a someone who lives in your destination.

And who knows a place better than a Local driver? The restaurants only locals know about, the best place for a sunset sundowner, up-and-coming neighbourhoods Lonely Planet hasn’t even heard of yet, crowd-free times to visit the big attractions… to-do lists don’t get much more authentic.

Because Nothing Beats The First Time You See A New Place

First impressions are important, especially when it comes to a new place. That initial moment – the buzz of excitement you feel on arrival – can set the tone for your holiday right there and then.

So, the question is this: would you rather be sat in the driver’s seat – eyes glued to the road, hands clamped to the wheel – or, do you fancy gazing out the window 

With LIR - SJO Airport Shuttle Service, you can let your driver worry about the traffic while you just focus on the view. Too easy.

You Can Minimise Your Holiday


Who’s got the passports? Do we have enough toys to keep the kids sane on the flight? Have we left enough time to get through check-in? Holidays aren’t meant to be stressful, but with so much to think about and organise, sometimes they can be.

And that’s just on your way to the airport.

Wouldn’t it be lovely if, on the other side, you could just stroll off the plane, grab your bags and jump straight into a pre-booked Car Service? Better still, the driver already knows where you’re going, the quickest way to get there and there’s no need to worry about the cost because you booked well in advance (savvy!).

No hassle. No fuss. No brainer!

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We'll Have One Of Our Representatives Holding A Sign With Your Name On It He'll be waiting Out Side The Terminal On The Waiting Area You'll See A Lot Of People On This Area Just Keep In Mind To Look For Your name the Driver Will have full Details Of Your Trip

​The Day Before Your Arrival We’ll Send You A Picture Of The Sign You’ll Look For Once You Have Arrived To Liberia Airport This Way You’ll Have An Idea On What To Look For.



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LIR - SJO Airport Shuttle Service, Is A full ground transportation company that offers Transportation For Family Vacations, corporate and personal services to satisfy even the most demanding client. We work 365 Days 24/7 with professional staff always ready to assist you with all your transportation needs.


Our staff will help you plan and coordinate all your transportation needs using a fleet of shuttles, buses and cars

We proudly service Costa Rica with shuttle service for airport transportation, private executive car service, corporate events, and all chauffeured special occasions! We are committed to customer safety and impeccable service

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